When we talk about the Indian classical art forms, a well informed person knows its importance in today’s modern society. The roots of our culture and traditions are held together by all the Indian art forms; which also exhibits the capacity to make the society less materialistic and more sensitive towards the people from all walks of life.

‘Nrityasankalp’ is a Monthly Dance Performance Series by ‘Kalanilayam Outreach Initiatives’ in collaboration with Late Shri Mohanrao Bhide Gurukul Sanskar School, at Abhiruchi Amphi Theatre, Sinhagad Road, Pune.

The main objective of this project is as followed –

To provide regular platform to bright and young aspiring dance students of ‘Kalanilayam’ to showcase their art
To provide an opportunity to people to enjoy and experience the beauty of authentic Indian Classical Dance
To contribute to the enhancement of social and cultural health at the city through Indian Classical Dance
‘Nrityasankalp’ was inaugurated at the hands of Guru Dr Sucheta Chapekar and Smt Bhide of Abhiruchi Malls and Multiplex on 26th August 2015
Dignitaries like Smt Shyamala Vanarse , Smt Deepti Bhogle , Shri Sameer Dublay , Adv. Asim And Adv. Rama Sarode , Smt Smita Mahajan, Shri Ramdas Palsule , Smt Shubhangi Damle were present to offer their support for our movement towards a ‘Better Pune – Cultured Pune’
To conclude, ‘Nrityasankalp’ is an effort to nurture young generations where they understand, connect and take pride in their rich cultural heritage as an Indian citizen.