Guru Dr Sucheta Chapekar

Guru Dr Sucheta Chapekar, is fondly known as Sucheta tai not only in Pune but allover Maharashtra. By sheer hard work, talent and persistence she has made a mark on the dance scene, nationally and internationally. She received training from Acharya Parvati Kumar and Tanjore Kitappa Pillai. She is known for her serious attitude, desire for acquiring knowledge, dedication, research and substance in the dance fraternity.
Sucheta Tai’s contribution to dance in the form of Marathi compositions by Maratha Rulers from Tanjore and  her seminal work on ‘Nrityaganga’ with Hindustani music is well appreciated by critics as well as Rasikas. A book written by her in Marathi ‘Nrutyatmika’ reflects on dance and her philosophy for life.
Sucheta tai, a dancer, teacher, researcher and choreographer is a role model for all her students due to her simplicity in life. She is highly respected and loved by her students with whom she shares her knowledge relentlessly and makes sure that they are good artistes as well as good human beings with values.

We feel blessed to have Sucheta Tai’s guidance, support for inspiring us to do the best of our ability to contribute to this noble art form.

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