‘Kalanilayam Center for Dance’ is engaged in spreading the essence of Bharatnatyam.
We believe that Bharatnatyam is more than just a classical dance form; it is a dynamic, divine art that takes the learner through a subtle spiritual and aesthetic experience. At Kalanilayam, we feel proud to be promoting this rich cultural heritage of India.
‘Kalanilayam Center for Dance’ was started by Priya Nimkar Joshi in January 2002 with three objectives in mind.
They are as under –

1. To nurture her passion for Indian Dance and take it further in life
2. To offer quality training and education of Bharatnatyam to dance students
3. To be able to contribute to the society through dance

‘Kalanilayam’ was formed under the guidance of Guru Dr Sucheta Chapekar as the ‘Sinhagad Road branch’ of ‘Kalavardhini Charitable Trust’.
After 14 years the work has now expanded in various directions. Keeping the original objectives in mind ‘Kalanilayam’ further works with following goals –

1. To create awareness and to generate interest regarding Performing arts particularly Classical Dance in common people from rural and urban India
2. To offer Dance training and education with an holistic approach to broaden the horizons of young minds
3. To study different aspects of dance as an art form and contribute to the enhancement of theory and performance
4. To strengthen the bond between Dance and Life for the culturally evolved society